Valium. Spectrum of action.

Do we always know the full spectrum  of features and capabilities of a particular medicine?

Usually, we perceive a certain drug as a remedy that corresponds to one particular symptom, such as a syrup – from coughs, droplets – from rheum, certain pills – from inflammation, and so on.

The same situation with a well-known medicine  – Valium.

Most people think this is just a calming remedy.

And though, if speak in general, this is actually so. However, this preparation  actually has an extremely wide range of features, and may be needed not only as a remedy to calm nerves.

So, here are some cases in which the valium becomes useful, which you did not know.

  • To facilitate labor after the cervix is opened on 2-3 fingers 20 mg of the drug can be induced intramuscularly. With detachment of the placenta before the term, with premature birth the drug is induced intramuscularly – 20 mg in an hour. The maintenance dose in these conditions is 10-20 mg 3-4 times p / day. With detachment of the placenta, treatment should be carried out without interruptions. Reviews about Valium testify that for the greatest efficiency the preparation should be applied until the fetus is formed.
  • To conduct a premedication in anesthesiology and surgery, Valium is taken by instructions on the eve of surgery – 10-20 mg inside. An hour before the anesthesia, adults are given the drug intramuscularly – 10-20 mg, children – 2.5-10 mg. For introduction into anesthesia, Valium is administered intravenously – 0.2-0.5 mg / kg.
  • In spinal cord injuries accompanied by hemiplegia, paraplegia, with chorea, the drug may be prescribed  to adults by intramuscular injection in a dosage of 10-20 mg; Children – 2-10 mg.
  • For children with reactive and psychosomatic disorders, in spastic conditions, Valium will be prescribed depending on the age: 6-12 months – 1-2.5 mg or 40-200 mg / kg, 3-4 times per  day. Valium tablets for children 1-3 years old will be prescribed in a dosage of 1 mg; children 3- years old l – 2mg, children of 7 years old and older – 3-5mg. With epileptic status and severe epileptic seizures, children of  5 years old are injected intravenously: 0.2-0.5 mg every 2-5 min. The maximum dosage is 5 mg; children of 5 years old and older are prescribed with 1 mg every 2-5 min. The maximum dosage is 10 mg.


In view of the fact that these dosages are average and the appointment is carried out depending on the patient’s condition, you can not take Valium without a prescription and take it without a doctor’s advice.